Meet The Meeple Crew

Owners, Jon and Sonya created Meeple Movers in 2013. Along the way, they created a local gaming group, which has grown to over 800 members.

In 2023, they were finally able to open their Board Game Café, on State Road 200 in Ocala. Meeple Movers was born from a desire to offer the friendly local game store (FLGS) experience (either online or in store), providing better customer service than the big box stores.

Our promise to you is to offer superior customer service and a place to connect with fellow gamers. In store, the Meeple Crew will help you find just the game you’re looking for, as well as teach you something new. We want to make it easy for you to grab a game, gather your family or friends, and play.Speaking of the Meeple Crew, meet our awesome staff...


A lifelong gamer, Jon is happiest teaching new games and new players. As a foodie and self-proclaimed beer snob, he’ll make sure you have delicious libations to go along with your gaming.


Sonya works at a local non-profit full time, but enjoys her time at the store setting up events and teaching games. Her favorite games are Splendor, Silver and King of Tokyo.  When not at the store, you’ll find her nose in a book or toes in the sand.


Hi there, Nicko here. I'm a long standing nerd in the community, from video games, to tabletop RPGs, to board games, to larp! When I'm not at Meeple Movers, I run Ocala's best full contact foam fighting group, Thaliondor! Come play some games with me! Some of my favorites are Cursed Court, Fantasy Realms, and Klask (I'll have to fight you left handed, if I do it with my right, it'd be over too quickly)! Hope to see you soon!!


When not teaching her favorite games - Horrified and Dead Man’s Draw - Sofia can be found hard at work creating her next cosplay, or showing it off at conventions around Florida. Sofia won First Place in the Cosplay Contest at Ocala Comic Con in 2023.


Joseph is an avid RPG player, cat lover, beer/wine enthusiasts, and Mead maker! He enjoys learning an array of different RPG systems, currently mastered gaming 6 different systems.  Ask him about King of Tokyo - he’s all in.


Beep boop, hello humans. I am the resident robot vacuum - keeping the floors clean and knocking over displays when no one else is in the store. Keep your meeples on the table or I will eat them - they are delicious! Beep boop.

A note about Inclusivity  

Part of our Core Values is a desire for you to be yourself. Everyone is welcome here, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, or ability. With this in mind, we will not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any kind, and reserve the right to ask patrons to leave if they cannot comply with this request. Our goal is to provide a safe space and inclusive environment, and we welcome any feedback that will help us achieve this goal. Thank you!